We understand that searching for accommodation in a new city, especially in a foreign country, can be a difficult task. At ESN Linköping, we aim to assist you by providing links to websites that can aid your search. While we regret that we may not have the capacity to directly secure accommodation for everyone in need, we are more than willing to offer valuable tips and guidance throughout your journey.

LiU tips

Here is a page with a lot of good tips when searching for accommodation: Accommodation Information

Emergency accommodation

This page might help you if you with emergency lodging: Emergency lodging


Studentbostäder provides apartments and rooms to students in Linköping. Through them can you get an apartment or a room through a queuing system. That means that you have to sign up first, that way you get 1 point per queueing day. Even if you don’t have many points, don’t hesitate to sign up anyway but prior to those with low numbers of people in line. Another tip is to keep your eye open for ‘Accommodation Direct’ which is accommodation available for rent at short notice. It is based on ‘first come, first serve’ no matter how many points you have. 



Heimstaden also offers rooms to students and is worth checking out. First, you need to register on their website and then you can start to look for a room. They offer rooms both in Linköping and Norrköping. Find more information here.


Colonia is a student complex located just beside Campus Valla (one of the campuses of LiU located in Linköping). To get accommodation you need quing points so sign up and start queuing today. Find more information here


Studentbo offers accommodation in Norrköping. Notice that Studentbo offers priority to students who are going to study for two or more semesters. 


Sweden’s Craigslist

Blocket is the equivalent of other countries’ Craigslist, and a lot of people post ads here. It is possible to find private rooms and shared flats. Be careful not to pay a deposit before you have seen the apartment and signed a contract.


ESN Linköping’s Flea Market Page on Facebook 

Make sure to join our flea market Facebook group. Here you can find ads for renting an apartment or a room. People also sell a lot of things on this website, so you might find furniture and other stuff for your new accommodation here.   

ESN Linköping Facebook group


Here we provide you with a list of all landlords in Linköping. The page is unfortunately in Swedish but easy to follow. Just scroll down and you will have a list of landlords. Click on one and you’ll get the contact information. 

Landlords in Linköping

Before starting your search remember to beware of landlord scams, check out this page

Good luck

Cheap and Sustainable Furniture from LiU Student Secondhand

LiU Student Secondhand (LSSh) is an initiative started by LiU students within the non-profit student organization Navitas. To create a circular consumption of students’ furniture they started a secondhand shop in A-building on Campus Valla. Here students can both buy and sell furniture, kitchenware, or whatever you need for your accommodation. To help you get everything home you can even borrow a tricycle or a bike incl. a bike cart for free.

Find out how it works and check out the furniture they currently have in the shop on their website: