Study at LiU

Help me, I can not find where my class is!

Fear not, we have all been there. Fortunately, you can search for any room in LiU and get a detailed map at this link. We also recommend you to download the LiU-app (search for LiU-app where you download apps) where you find a map of Campus and other practical information. 

In addition, we recommend that you join one of our campus tours during the welcome period.


A-building, C-building, Kårallen, B-building, Studentheset (The student house) and Key-building are the main buildings at campus Valla. 

A-building: 626 study places, 18 microwaves

B-building: 20 microwaves

C-building: 263 study places, 35 microwaves

Key-building: 131 study places, 32 microwaves

Studenthuset: In the student house you find the library, info center, microwaves, Coffee shop, lunch restaurant. You can also find a lot of study places. Both single tables in quite areas and bigger ones.

Kårallen: Kårallen is the center of student life. Here you’ll find the the rooms of the student associations (including ESN Linköping).

During the weekends Kårallen turns into a bar or a night club.

Schedule and book group rooms

You can find your schedule for your courses here.

Click on Find your timetable in TimeEdit → Timetable – (English version) → then search and add all the course codes you want to view  (eg. TMES51) 

To book group rooms that are located in the buildings around campus you use this link

Here you find a guide on how to book a gruproom with your LiU-ID. 


The Library on Campus Valla is located in Studenthuset. The library always has the books that you need for your classes and you can find its online catalogue at

Restaurants and shops 


Baljan is located in the heat of Kårallen. Here you find the cheapest coffee and cookies at Campus! You get coffee for 6 kr (5kr with your own cup). Baljan also offers soft drinks, sandwiches and salads.  


If you are on the wrong side of Campus but still want to enjoy the cheap prices of Baljan, Byttan is located on the ground floor of Studenthuset and is run by the same organization.


Amigo is located in Kårallen and has everything from a salad bar, candy to band aid. The price is higher but opening hours are longer. They have really good salads for lunch.


Moccado is located in the C-building next to the big lecture hall C1. They have great fika, sandwiches and salads. You can ofcourse fund coffee here as well, just to a higher price compared to Baljan and Byttan. 


Pressbyrån is a cooperation in Sweden. In this kiosk you basically find everything from coffee, lunch and painkillers.

Falafel huset

Falafel house is a very popular lunch restaurant where you can get a really good falafel for a good price. 

Course literature and bookstores at Campus


BokAB in Kårallen is one of the official course literature retailers on Campus, most of the lectures at LiU will inform them of which books that are necessary for each course which meanst that this is the place where you can find the correct version of course litterature. Here you aldo find notebooks, pens etc.


Campusbokhandeln is located right inforont of Key-house where you can buy secondhand course literature.


There are plenty of online book shops that will offer course litterature, the prices are often slightly cheaper than in BokAB. The biggest ones are and for new books, and for used ones.


There are printers in most major buildings on Campus, but they can be tricky to find if you do not know where to look. Some of them can be found here. Before you start to print however, you will need to setup an account and transfer some money. A detailed guide is availible on LiUs website.