Buddy Program

The sign-up for the buddy program has been CLOSED for spring 2022

Application of interest for becoming a local buddy for fall 2022

The Buddy Program is an initiative to pair incoming exchange and master students with local students at LiU. It now incorporates both local Swedish students and exchange students staying longer who can become local buddies after their first semester to be of help to the new ones trying to find their way in Linköping and student life. The mutual benefits of both the incoming and local students are that they can get new cultural experience and make friends for life. As previously mentioned, the incoming students get help with tips and tricks for their exchange in Linköping, while the Local students can meet people who speak the language that they perhaps are studying their international profile with or similar. Also, it’s a good first step to gain knowledge about a country you might want to go on an exchange to in the future for the local student. It might be hard to get to know Swedish people as foreigner, so the buddy program drastically helps out with that through the pairing process and the events following to integrate exchange students with the Swedish students.

The events organized are more culture focused and gives new knowledge about Sweden as well as blending all other countries for the students to take part in. One example of such an event is the “international buffet” where you can team up with your buddy/buddies to make food together from special cultures, to then show up to the buffet and offer other people your food while getting to try out foods from a bunch of other cultures.