Welcome to ESN Linköping!

On this website you can find necessary information whether you are soon coming to Linköping for your exchange, currently studying or a local student of Linköping University curious of the Buddy program, about what we in Erasmus Student Network. Maybe you want to join our family?




Campushallen is the largest gym in Linköping, conveniently located both on Campus Valla and next-door to the student accomodation Irrblåsset. The facilities on Campus Valla also boast, not just a large gym but also an indoor athletics court and more. With a membership card from ESN Linköping you get a discount on the 6-month gym membership.


Timetravels is a travel agency based out of Finland with destinations in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Estonia, and Russia. They specialize in group travels and help visitors experience the north in full