What is the overall used for?

It is a tradition among students at Linköping university to wear overalls during the initiation period (Nolle-P) and on parties such as "Kravaller" throughout the year. The overall is a fun and practical piece of clothing. Each educational programme has a specific colour on their overall, the ESN overall is blue with yellow stripes, just like the Swedish flag! You don't have to be afraid of getting the overall dirty, and you can decorate it as you wish with patches and your name! 

How can I buy this awesome piece of clothing?

You will be able to buy your overall from ESN during the first weeks of your time here in Linköping. Remember to follow the ESN Facebook page to see all of our updates! If you are unsure, just ask us for when you will be able to buy your own overall! After buying your overall, you will be able to participate in the overall premiere, which is a outdoors event/party with a lot of games and fun!

Overall rules

There are a lot of “rules” and myths about the overalls so we put together some of them here. However remember that it is your overall so try to make it as personal as you can. The only rule that applies to all is that you can only wash it once (preferably after the Overall Premiere)

1. You may wash your overall once, after that you have to be inside the overall to wash it. However, if you get someone else’s body fluid on it you may wash it the normal way.
2. The color of your stripes is yellow.
3. Your name is suppose to be on the right leg. If your name is too long put a cool nickname instead. Buy some nice fabric and get creative!
4. The [hg]-logo goes onto the right back pocket.
5. Don’t put any decorations (not even the stripes) on your overall before the overall premiere; unless you want to lose them.
6. The overall should always be worn as a substitute for pants; with the top part (sleeves/shirt) tied around the waist. The only exception is the Overall Premiere, where it is worn buttoned up, as a full overall.
7. Love your overall and honor it!

How should I wear my overall?

The only time that you will wear the overall all buttoned up is at the overall premiere, otherwise you will wear it as follows:

1. Put a belt on, this step will protect you from awkward, overall-falling, moments.
2. Leave the overall’s back hang loose.
3. Grab the seams of the shoulders and pull them up to the hip, also fold in the collar so that you cannot see it. Make sure the logo goes over your behind.
4. Take the two arms of the overall and tie them together, tight!

Where can I get the yellow stripes for the overall?

Normally the students buy their stripes at BokAB in Kårallen. However, you can also find stripes at Ohlssons Tyger & Stuvar and at Husqvarna Sy, both of them situated downtown close to St Lars church. The stripes are supposed to go from the cuffs of your pants all the way up to the armpit and from the neck all the way down the sleeve. You are supposed to have stripes on each side of the overall.

Where can I buy patches?

- You can usually buy a patch in the bar of the event or at the ticket sale
- Kårservice has some patches for the university. Go there and have a look! They are situated just to the left of the main entrance of Kårallen, close to the ESN section Room.
- Your section should also have patches for sale, contact them to find out more information on how to get them!
- And of course, the ESN section room is where you get the hottest ones!

When should I pimp my overall?

Your overall is supposed to be un-pimped until after the overall premiere, however when it’s time to pimp it we will arrange an event called “Pimp your overall”. Remember to WASH your overall before going there since we will make sure to make your overall dirty during the overall premiere.

How should I pimp my overall?

Some students sew on their patches, names and stripes and others use glue. If you’re among the lazy bunch who glue; just remember to buy a good type of glue that will hold when you go partying with your overall. Glue can be bought in many places, such as Hemköp or Clas Ohlson. A lot of people sign each others overalls so bring a pen to your next pre-party