Sign up now to be a local Buddy student VT22!

[UPDATE] The sign-up for spring 2022 has been closed, but if you are interested in being a local buddy student in the autumn, fill in this form:

For more information about the buddy program or to sign up as an incoming international student, visit this page.

To all the local buddies…

As a part of the Buddy program, you have the chance of being a local buddy to the international students that come to Liu each semester. Together you can take part in fun cultural exchange activities organized by ESN, as well as activities you do on your own. Examples of activities we have held during previous years:

  • Swedish holidays: A mash up of Christmas dinner, midsummer dinner, and crayfish party so the international students get to experience the Swedish culture.
  •  Pot-luck “knytis”: A dinner were international students share their native foods with each other and their local buddies.
  • Themed quiz-nights as well as a blind test event to try out Swedish candies and cultural snacks.

 For the Sign-Up

We invite both Swedish students, and international students that have lived here for at least a semester, to be local buddies for our incoming students. As a local buddy your responsibility is to make the international buddy feel welcome to Linköping. Once you are matched with your local buddy you can strike up a chat with them, organize to meet, or make plans for attending an ESN event together. In the sign-up you have the possibility of specifying preferred language of your international buddy for us to create a good match between you. We cannot promise this criterion is met, but we will do our best!