Terms & Conditions


-          Pickup should be done on the given time and date. If you are unable to pick up yourself, contact us through either email, info@esnlinkoping.org, or Facebook within a week of the original pickup date to arrange another delivery.

-          No refunds will be given.

Patches or other Physical Goods:

-          No refunds will be given after pickup or, in such a case that the product is ordered from an external source, no refund will be given after the order has been placed.

Tickets for Dinners or other paid Events:

-          All orders are binding, and no refunds will be granted.


-          No refunds will be granted on the ESNcard.

Events through Timetravels:

-          All trips are purchased directly from Timetravels and any questions should be addressed to them, you can find them at: https://www.timetravels.fi/.