Help me, I cannot find where my next class is

Fear not, we have all been there. Fortunately, you can search for any room in LiU and get a detailed map at this link. In addition, we recommend that join one of our campus tours during the welcome period.

Restaurants and Shops

Baljan is located in the heart of Kårallen and this is where you will find the cheapest coffee and cookies at Campus! Coffee price: 5 kr (4 kr if you bring your own cup)

If you are on the wrong side of Campus but still want to enjoy the cheap prices of Baljan, Byttan is located on the ground floor of Studenthuset and is run by the same organization.

Amigo is located in Kårallen and has everything from a salad bar to band aides. The price is higher but opening hours longer. They got great coffee and really good salads for lunch.
Coffee price: 11/16 SEK

Moccado is located in the A-building next to the lecture hall A2, and in the C-building in Colosseum.
Coffee price: 11/16 SEK.

Ellen is the coffee shop in the Key-building. They got a lot of different food, kanel bullar and of course also coffee.
Coffee price: 12/17 SEK

You can find Pressbyrån in most cities in Sweden and also in the Key-building. THey have everything one might need (Everything from magazines to hot goods) and also have really good tasting cinnamon buns.
Coffee 10/15 SEK

Zodiaken is a café and restaurant located in the Zenit building with both fika and food. They have some great chicken wings and has a really nice atmosphere. You get a discount if you show your ESN-Card.

Zenit is another restaurant located in the Zenit buildning. They got some good wraps and other lunches, always with salad included. You do also get a discount if you show your ESN-Card.



The Library on Campus Valla is located in Studenthuset. The library always has the books that you need for your classes and you can find its online catalouge at

Course Literature

A few of the places where you can get hold on course literature are listed below.

Notice board
The notice board avaiable on the student pages on Liu's website is where people sell their old course literature, look for flatmates and sell other exciting things.

BokAB in Kårallen is one of the two official course literature retailers on Campus, most of the lectures at LiU will inform them of which books that are necessary for each course which meanst that this is the place where you can find the correct version of course litterature.

Akademibokhandeln is the other bookstore on campus. It is connected to Zodiaken is the Zenit-buildings. They got some course books as well and a lot of blocks, pens and other stuff.

There are plenty of online book shops that will offer course litterature, the prices are often slightly cheaper than in BokAB. The biggest ones are and for new books, and kurslitteratur:se for used ones.


LiU Card

The international Office will instruct you on how to get your Liu card, which serves as proof that you are a student. It will give you access to the computer halls and buildnings on campus after closing hours (Once you've activated a pin code on LiU's website) and make it possible for you go to student run places such as KK and Flamman.



There are printers in most major buildings on Campus, but they can be tricky to find if you do not know where to look. Some of them can be found here. Before you start to print however, you will need to setup an account and transfer some money. A detailed guide is availible on LiUs website.