As a president your main task is to oversee and set a direction for the work that your board carries out throughout the mandate. This could be as simple as setting some goals for the whole association to reach or more in-depth such as trying to encourage individual growth amongst your fellow association members. You are also supposed to be an anchor for you fellow colleagues, this means answering questions, resolving conflicts or motivating people. While challenging it is also a huge opportunity for self-growth and learning new valuable skills that will come handy both during your time here in LiU but also later in the work life.


Vice President

As vice president you support the president when needed as well as working as a replacement when the president is absent. The Vice President is also the local representative and acts as the link between ESN Linköping and the national and international levels of the ESN network. This includes attending meetings, conferences and national platforms, and also answering/forwarding relevant e-mails sent to the section's inbox.


Secretary & Moving Europe Coordinator

As secretary your main task is to take notes during board meetings and compile a document of that. The secretary is also moving Europe coordinator which includes creating events to promote an interest to studying abroad in Europe.


This position requires a swedish speaking student. As the treasurer of ESN Linköping you are responsible for the cash management, accounting and the budget work. Paying invoices and giving the board updates about our economical situation is also the treasurer’s task.


Welcome Period Coordinator

The main task as Welcome Period Coordinator is to plan two Welcome Periods, which takes place in the beginning of each semester. This for example means coming up with fun events and scheduling the rest of the board and committees for said events.


Quartermaster & Social Erasmus Coordinator

As a Quartermaster you’re responsible for our storage in Ryd and our room in  Kårallen. The position also includes responsibilities such as ordering overalls and organizing the following overall inauguration. You also have the position as our section's SocialErasmus Coordinator which means that you’re in charge of the Social Inclusion days together with our Exchangeability Coordinator.


Public Relations

This position includes handling of the ESN Linköping social media accounts, such as Facebook and Instagram. Your mainly responsible for the communication through the Facebook page. It also includes designing event headers, flyers etc. to create, promote and manage different events or promotion of ESN Linköping in general. It requires a lot of planning and gathering of information before events and posts on social medias, but the creative work and all the fun activities make it worth all the time you put in.


External Relations

As External Relations Manager you keep contact with our external partners and cooperating companies. You also have a key role in developing new partnerships and then present to the board the incoming propositions that might be interesting for us. This position also include planning our trips that we arrange together with a travelling company to make it as convenient for students as possible.


Human Resources Manager & ExchangeAbility Coordinator 

HRM is mainly responsible for the recruitment of the new board and the kick off. It also includes being representative of Exchangeability for ESN Linköping, which is a global ESN project that focuses on awareness of the disabilities.


Webmaster & Sea Battle Coordinator

The webmaster is responsible for the website of ESN Linköping The position offers a high level of freedom in installing applications or modules and posting content. Additionally, you manage ESN Linköping’s official e-mail account as well as the e-mail accounts of the entire section. This position also include the role as Sea Battle Coordinator of ESN Linköping. Sea Battle is the largest event by ESN Sweden carried out twice a year. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, ticket sales, arranging bus transportation and responding various questions from the participants.


Buddy Committee Coordinator

The main goal of this position is to connect local students with the international students at Linköping University. For example pairing incoming international students with a local student who want to help and guide new students through their first time in Linköping. This is what we call the Buddy Programme. As Buddy Committee Coordinator you’re also responsible for creating the awesome Buddy Committee and manage the committee’s work during two semesters. Together with the committee you create events and activities where students can socialize in a fun environment.


Activity Committee Coordinator

As Activity Committee Coordinator you are able to select a committee of amazing people and together create various social events during the semester. It can be events like bike trips, exploration tour of Norrköping, Board Games Night and so much more. Language Café is also one of the frequently held events by Activity Committee, in collaboration with other committees at Linköping University. As Activity Committee Coordinator you’re also part of the ESN Linköping Board, which means participation in many exciting and rewarding activities.


Party Committee Coordinator

The Party Committee Coordinator act as a bridge between the board and the committee, since you handle both the committee’s work and have a position in the board. The main task is to plan and coordinate the work within the committee. The first event that the Party Committee arranges is a Hoben pre-party which usually is like a barbecue with food and activities for the exchange students. The Party Committee also works with different dinner events, like the Welcome Dinner, where you show off Linköping's student dinner traditions for the exchange students. Last but not least, the Party Committee arranges a big Kravall (overall party) at Kårallen every year called Intervallen.



This position requires a swedish speaking student. The auditor will be part of ESN Linköping, but not the board. The auditor will have the closest contact with the treasurer and will throughout the year have regular contact with the treasurer and the president. The auditor will look through the verifications (accounting) that the treasurer has done and will help out with the financial statement and the tax return (Swedish: deklaration). The auditor can also be used as an advisor and give advices to the treasurer in case the treasurer asks for a second opinion on a matter.