What to do if you become ill or injured

Follow this guide by Region Östergötland. You should also remember these phone numbers:

  • 1177 - Free medical advice open 24 hours per day. If you are ill or injured but there is no emergency, this is where you should call.
  • 112 - In case of emergency. When you or someone else suddenly become seriously ill or injured.

Worth knowing when visiting a medical centre

When visiting a medical centre, there are a few things which you will find useful to bear in mind to make your visit successful and ensure that you receive the right care. Below you will find some general information, but you should also read through the following links:



If you need an interpreter

When you receive care, you are entitled to use an interpreter if you cannot speak Swedish clearly enough. Say that you will be needing an interpreter when you book an appointment with your medical centre. If a doctor writes a referral – which is a message stating that you need an assessment, examination of treatment at a specialist clinic – you have to tell the doctor at that time that you will be needing an interpreter.

When you arrive at the medical centre as a patient

*Take ID along with you to both the medical centre and the hospital.

*Write down the names of the medicine you are taking, or take it along to the medical centre or hospital. It is important for the doctor to find out what medicine you are taking so that you can be given the best care possible.

*It is not possible to pay cash at your medical centre. You can pay by debit card or be sent an invoice. You can also register for autogiro so that all the charges for medical care provided by the county council are withdrawn from your account automatically.

*If you need to attend a specialist clinic, the doctor you met initially at your medical centre has to refer you to the clinic. You will receive a letter in the post which gives you a date and time for your visit, as well as telling you where you should attend.

*When you arrive at the medical centre or a clinic at the hospital, you must report to reception. If you have received a letter requesting your attendance, you must have this with you.

*When you see the doctor, describe your problems and answer his or her questions. Your doctor needs lots of information on the problems for which you are attending so as to be able to treat you as effectively as possible.

*If you are unable to attend at your appointed time, it is important for you to tell someone about this as soon as possible. Someone else can then be given that appointment time instead. If you do not turn up for your appointment and have failed to cancel the appointment, you will still have to pay the charge.

Sexual health

It is free to get tested for sexually transmittable diseases at the STD clinic at the University Hospital in Linköping, you can get in touch with them by calling 010-105 97 90 or visit their website which unfortunately only is availible in Swedish here. For more information about sexual health, visit LiUs page about it.

When you want to visit someone in hospital

You can visit patients at the hospital, but it important that you take other patients and visitors into consideration. Hospital wards have special visiting hours. It is worth bearing in mind that you should not visit the hospital if you have a cold, and you should avoid wearing perfume or bringing flowers as many people are allergic to these. Smoking is also prohibited at the hospital. (Note: During the Covid-19 pandemic, visitations to the hospital may be limited.)


More information can be found at Region Östergötlands website.