Hey there everyone! Christmas is not really around the corner but since we can't have any physical events, ESN is back with a typical Swedish Christmas tradition; Gingerbread House-making!!!

This year, we have decided to bring about a little twist to the event. Complying with the current Covid Restrictions, the event will be hosted remotely.

How, you ask?

You can sign-up as a team and play from your corridor/apartment. You can buy a ginger bread house kit or if you want a challenge, you can make your own design from dough.
You can also use any kind of edible decorations for it. After building, you are supposed to take pictures of your gingerbread house and send it to us for judgment.

Sign-up here : https://forms.gle/95p9uNDFaUS3FmyX7

More details about the event will be sent to you after the sign-up sheet is closed.

Let the Christmas season begin!

What: Gingerbread House-making Competition
When: 3rd of December, 17.30 to 20.00
Where: Your apartment / corridor

03/12/2020 - 17:00