Here are your first opportunities to buy both an ESNcard and your very own overall!

ESNcard and overall sales

We'll have it on three different occasions

The first sale (12/8/20)
Amphitheater outside Kårallen:

The second sale (21/8/20): TBD

The Final sale (27/8/20): TBD

The ESNcard offers plenty of discounts, both locally and internationally within Europe. Locally, you will get a reduced price on several of the activities we - ESN Linköping - arrange here in Linköping. Among the discounts, you will also find cheaper flights with Ryanair, and discounted bus tickets with FlixBus. You can read more about the discounts on The price for the ESNcard is 100 SEK, we only accept card payment.

Before the sale, make sure to have done the following:

- Bring a small photo of yourself (roughly 2x3 cm, passport photo or any other, color, black and white, etc.) for the ESNcard.

- Fill in this before you purchase your ESNcard:

The overall is an important part of Linköping’s student culture. You can wear your overall at the "Kravall"s (parties on campus) and pimp it with patches from the events you have attended! The price for the overall is 420 SEK with an ESNcard (450 SEK without), included in the price is the traditional overall inauguration that will take place later this autumn which is one of our most popular events!

Disclaimer: Due to the current Covid-19 situation the large parties are canceled which means that there will be fewer opportunities to wear your overall and get patches. We hope that the situation develops in the right direction!