Come with and visit Linköpings closest larger lake. We are planning to bike to Bergs slussar, a place right outside Linköping which is Göta canal´s most visited place. Here we will hang out by the lake so bring your swimwear so you can take a swim in Roxen. Make sure to have eaten lunch before and don’t forget to bring some Swedish fika, which we think you are well familiar with by now? Join us and find out why Bergs slussar is so popular!

The distance from Ryds Herrgård to Bergs slussar is 11 km. If you don’t have a bike or think it’s too far for you, then you have the option to take a bus from the Central station in Linköping to Bergs slussar. Buses go at least one every hour. You can download the app ostgotatrafiken and from there see when the bus leaves and arrive, tickets are purchased through the app.
You are required to sign up before the event and there are a limited to 30 spots available due to COVID-19 restrictions, so don’t wait around!

You can sign up here:

When? 13:00-17:00
13:00 at Ryds Herrgård, we will arrive at Bergs slussar some time before 14:00 approximately. (We will leave Bergs slussar around 17:00)

Location: We meet in front of Ryds Herrgård, for those of you that take the bus we will meet at Bergs slussar.

Ps. If you have received a spot but won’t be able to join us, please let us know on FB or through email so that someone else gets to enjoy the event instead.

23/08/2020 - 13:00 to 17:00