We know love goes through the stomach. That’s why we created this event for you.

A bicycle party (“cykelfest" in swedish) is a flying dinner consisting of a 3-course-menu-dinner where you bike with your cooking-partner from one place to another for the different courses. You two will cook one of the courses, which one, will be generated randomly. You will get 2 other random cooking-pairs that will come to your place to enjoy your dish, before you bike on to get to taste somebody else’s food. That means, you will meet at least 12 new people on that evening, wow!

During the evening we will have the theme CHILDHOOD MEMORIES. You are supposed to follow this theme when it comes to food, decorations and clothes. An example could be to dress up like spiderman, serve hot-dogs and decorate with balloons. There will be a competition of who follows the theme the best, you will compete through uploading pictures in the facebook event. The winner will get a lovely prize!

A guideline is to have a budget of 300kr when making your course, that includes food and drinks.

How to take part:

1.) Pair up with a friend!

2.) Sign up in this sheet before 23.59 on Wednesday, the 3rd of April.

3.) You will receive an answer-email on Tuesday, the 9th of April. There, you will get told which course you are suppose to cook and serve.
Pro Tip: Prepare your food in advance so it’s ready to serve when your guests arrive.
(This to make sure you follow the schedule because you have a limited time on each place).

4) 12th of April - The day of BICYCLE PARTY be at Skålland 18.00.

18.00 - We all meet up in Skålland (Football fields in Ryd) for mingle. There you will get an envelope with your different destinations for the night.
19.00 - Time for starters.
20.00 - Time for main course.
21.30 - Time for dessert.

12/04/2019 - 18:00