Buddy Committee, previously known as Peer Student Committee. Interested in joining the Buddy Committee? Contact peer@esnlinkoping.org

Buddy Committee is looking for members for 17/18! You can find information about the different posts in the PDF at the bottom of this webpage.

The Buddy Committee plans and executes events for Buddy students and exchange students to encourage growth of peer activities and communication between Swedish students and exchange students.
The Buddy Committee consists of the Buddy Coordinator who is president of the committee, and four committee members consisting of Swedish students and exchange students. The committee will organize at least 2 events per semester in addition to the Buddy Student Kick-off.

Buddy Coordinator- peer@esnlinkoping.org

Committee 2016/2017

Name: Therése Lundqvist
Study: Busienss & Economics

As Vice President of this committee you get a great overview of what is going on.
My responsibilities include helping the other members of this committee and to fill in for the president whenever she is absent. 





Name: Lisa Johansson
Study: Busienss & Economics

As the treasurer of the ESN peer student committee I have the responsibility to create and uphold the budgets for each event. I also  have the responsibility to communicate with the board about our budget proposals. I also have to make sure that we stick to our budget and that we have all the things bought/prepared before the events. 




Name: Julia Steckling
Study: Physics

My job in the peer student committee is to do the PR, so mostly creating the Facebook events, polls and cover pictures.
I became a member of ESN directly after I arrived in Linköping because I am a person who the really likes to organise events, I wanted to meet new people and especially Swedish people (which is not always easy as an exchange student) and I have never done any social/voluntary work at my home university. At the welcome dinner I talked to two nice girls from the board who encouraged me to apply. I think of the peer student committee to be a good way of improving the connections between locals and internationals. With being a member of ESN I gained a much better insight into the Swedish student life and how a student organisation works. I would call it one of the best times of my life! :)


 Name: Sven Lukanek
 Study: Medical Engineering/Human Factors

As the secretary of the ESN peer student committee, I have to document our weekly meetings. I have to make sure that everyone
is on the same level and knows about the deadlines and dates we set for the events and our preparations. I am, as everyone
in our team, also responsible for every event. We plan together and organize every event togehter. :)

The most I like about ESN is it to meet a lot of people which can't be more different, the people in the ESN teams and also the people, participating in the events. Therefore, the most interesting thing I learned in my time in ESN are the different cultures, especially the different food cultures, because I love food. I enjoy it very much to work in a team with swedish and international students.

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